too HIGH too LOW too FAR

17 e 18 aprile, ore 21.15

troppo in ALTO troppo in BASSO troppo LONTANO

performance di circo teatrodanza

A seguire, MILONGA!

con Ellen Urban, Daniela Feilcke-Wolf, CLaudia Schnuerer (Germania)

Compagnia dreifrauendietanzen (threewomendancing)


Elementi di danza, teatro e circo contemporaneo si fondono in una pièce che parla di amore, di perdita e di coraggio.
Che si trovino per aria, per terra o che stiano ballando un tango, le tre performer narrano storie di crisi, perseveranza e trascendenza. Una danza poetica – a tratti farsesca – tra il corpo, le emozioni e gli oggetti che divengono un’allegoria di sfide e trasformazioni.

La Compagnia

La Compagnia dreifrauendietanzen è composta da tre artiste che sono anche amiche: Ellen Urban, Claudia Schnürer e Daniela Feilcke-Wolff. Tutte e tre hanno alle spalle un intenso lavoro di ricerca ed esplorazione nel campo della danza e del movimento. Si sono conosciute grazie al loro comune amore per il Tango. Ognuna di loro esplora la possibilità di fondere l’espressione teatrale, la narrazione e il proprio stile particolare.

Lo spettacolo too HIGH too LOW too FAR ha visto la luce dopo una gestazione di ben due anni e centinaia di km percorsi fra la Germania e l’Italia. La sua realizzazione è stata possibile anche grazie al lavoro di Franz Mestre (Pivoting Theatre).


con Claudia Schnürer, Ellen Urban, Daniela Feilcke-Wolff

bw_20130822_5005-Sommerwerft 2013- zu HOCH zu TIEF zu WEIT Dreifrauentanzen

Una co-produzione: Cie. dreifrauendietanzen &  pivoting theater

Concept/Choreography/On Stage: Ellen Urban, Claudia Schnürer, Daniela Feilcke-Wolff

Dramamturgia/Regia/Musical Concept: Franz Mestre

Costumi: Verena Lachenmeier

Durata: 50 Minutes

Ingresso: 8/5€


April 17th and 18th, h 9.15pm

too HIGH too LOW too FAR

by Cie. dreifrauendietanzen (threewomendancing)

Sometimes life just seems to be too High too Low too Far.

The Compagnie dreifrauendietanzen fuses elements of dance, theatre and contemporary circus into a piece about love, loss and courage.

bw_20130822_4963-Sommerwerft 2013- zu HOCH zu TIEF zu WEIT DreifrauentanzenStarting point for research and devising this piece have been moments of crisis, as they could occur in any person’s life.

Whether up in the air, down on the ground, or through tango, the three female performers narrate what they experience in the center of the hurricane. What does it feel like to get stuck or have to say goodbye to ourselves?

Using poetic metaphors, the piece examines various aspects, colours and details of our inner-lives.

Fragments of three stories –from the tragic to the farcical– that illustrate perseverance, acceptance and transcendence.

A dance between body, emotions and objects which becomes an allegory for challenge and transformation.


with Claudia Schnürer, Ellen Urban, Daniela Feilcke-Wolff

Co-production from: Cie. dreifrauendietanzen &  pivoting theater

Concept/Choreography/On Stage: Ellen Urban, Claudia Schnürer, Daniela Feilcke-Wolff

Dramaturgy/Direction/Musical  Concept: Franz Mestre

Costumes: Verena Lachenmeier

Duration: 50 Minutes

About the group:

Cie. dreifrauendietanzen is composed by three artists-friends: Ellen Urban, Claudia Schnürer and Daniela Feilcke-Wolff. All three have been working and exploring movement and dance intensively for many years. They became acquainted through their mutual love for Tango. Each of them explores the possibilities to fuse theatrical expression, storytelling and her own particular genre.

Following a 2-year developmental period, and during this process, traveling many hundreds of kilometers between Germany and Italy, too HIGH too LOW too FAR has come a long way. The piece has found it´s form also thanks to Franz Mestre´s (Pivoting Theatre) work of crystalizing physiclal material and theme.

Ellen Urban

A graduate from Circomedia, the Centre for Contemporary Circus and Physical Performance in Bristol, Ellen Urban has been performing her aerial arts since 2001 in national and international circus and theater festivals as well as Gala events. She has been engaged with diverse Dance/Theater companies such as Ten Pen Chii, Grotest Maru and the Artistic Dance Company. In 2008 she created the piece “Contrabass” in cooperation with Posttheater Berlin. She has been involved with a diverse group of big theaters such as the city-theater Aachen and the opera (Deutsche Oper) in Berlin. In 2007 Ellen Urban won the Operare price with her multi genre performance of “Rapunzelmonolog.” |

Claudia Schnürer

Claudia graduated as an acrobat in Berlin. She is also a qualified Feldenkrais practitioner and a certified non-medical therapist. Since 1994 she has been performing many different self-devised projects in national, european  and south americn street-theater festivals. Recently, she toured for 5 years as part of the duo Oko Sokolo-  today´s circus  with the tight rope/dance piece “living room.” She continues touring the reading performance “das Vorlesezimmer” (room of poetry).

Since 2009 she has been directing the Undergraduate Theater program at Accademia dell´Arte in Arezzo, Italy and is teaching movement to undergraduate actors. | |

Daniela Feilcke Wolff

Daniela is a tango dancer and teacher of Alexander-technique. She accomplished a formation as a technical graphic designer, became a sports teacher, restaurant owner and held a number of other occupations until she finally fell deeply in love with Tango and bodywork.

She has been teaching Tango for many years, mostly in Germany and Finland. She is a Tango DJane and performs Tango with her dance and life partner. Part of her artistic interest and research is dedicated to exploring the limits of Tango and the possibilities for this form to intertwine with other genres. This has led her to various collaborations with circus and theater productions in and around  Berlin. |

Franz Mestre

Franz  is a  spanish theater director, actor and musican based in Germany. He studied Music and Theater science, as well as Cultural Management. Since 2007  he is artistic director of the  KRESCH Theater in Krefeld, Germany. Throughout the years Franz had a strong influence on shaping KRESCH´s special aestetic and musical profile.

As  musican he composed many songs for theater productions and published Theater music and children songs. He has been present with various bands in performances and recordings.

As an actor he is performing in multiple productions of KRESCH theater and touring in Germany and european countries with Theater-improvisation- shows.

As a director he works  for KRESCH theater and as a freelance  director with dancers and movement artists, such as Sabine Seume and Andreas Simon and Cie. dreifrauendietanzen.

2008 he founded Pivoting Theatre. The company collaborates across cultures and countries with the aim of bringing together artists and art forms from around the globe. His specific interest and passion is  the fusion of dance, speech and music to create performances which focus on character development, biographical  and site specific work.  He cooperated with the  the  Barough Dance Company for the  creation of  Hip Hop Dancetheater “Donime o Yeki”  (Iran/Germany); 2011  „Mirette“, a children circus-theater, has been created in coproduction with  “Zany Umbrella Circus” from Pittsburgh, USA. The piece was eventually toured and performed in various american cities and festivals. |

Ticket: 8/5€