Seme and Erasmus+

Spazio Seme is an international culture and arts center in Arezzo (Tuscany, Italy) that organizes, promotes and hosts several activities:

–       courses and workshops (for children and adults with different abilities)

–       shows and concerts

–       exhibitions

–       international productions (dance, theatre, etc.)

–       artists in residence

Spazio Seme is managed by Seme S.N.C., a society that works in the world of culture, arts and entertainment. Seme S.N.C. creates and promotes opportunities for research and collaboration with italian and foreign entities: associations, foundations, public and private institutions.

One of the main Seme’s projects is ERASMUS+, the european fund for Adult education staff mobility. Thanks to this project, Seme is collaborating with four partners in four different countries in Europe.

The associated partners of Seme in Erasmus+ are:

Verein zur Foerderung der CI e.V. (The Contact Festival Org. / Freiburg, Germany)

The mission of the Association for Advancement of Contact Improvisation in Freiburg is to support the development of Contact Improvisation in general. The city Freiburg already had a strong history inside the development of this dance form.

L1 Association (Budapest, Hungary)

L1 Independent Artists Association of Public Utility (in short: L1 Association) holds interest in creating the circumstances for high quality performances (arts, performing arts and dance), helping the members of the organization, giving advices and adopting other representatives of „homeless” co artists. The main objectives are to show these performances, organize festivals and in the long run operate a contemporary dance and co art centre.

Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company (Derry, Northern Ireland)

It is recognised as Northern Ireland’s leading Dance Company. Echo Echo regularly produces and tours internationally with original new performance work for an ensemble of local and international dancers. The company also has a strong commitment to developing dance as an accessible art form maintaining a busy dance education and outreach programme for people of all ages and abilities.

Jiwar Creation and Society (Barcelona, Spain)

Jiwar is a residence hosting and supporting all professionals whose work is based or inspired by urban space. It is unique for its space and environment. It is a place where to create and share. The space is open to all professionals who create and reflect on urban space, and whose work use the city as a material of inspiration or investigation: artists, architects, social activists, sociologists, anthropologists, philosophers, city policy makers, etc.

Seme is conducting the project visiting, teaching and performing in the hosting countries. It is an occasion to know different entities, build stronger “business” relationships, meet new professionists (both artists and managers). Each travel (in this kind of project Seme is the only partner who goes abroad, but there are different kind of projects with different opportunities of exchanges) is an occasion for new ideas, new collaborations.

This is the way Seme wants to go on: Meeting, Collaborating, Building and Creating in many different ways, even supporting in planning and organizing for new projects.