Moving Presence | Body-Mind Centering® – Research Program 2024

Moving Presence | | Body-Mind Centering® Research Program 2024

Is a research program offers a deep experience of the principles and approaches of Body-Mind Centering®. Through anatomical information, movement, touch, partnerwork and in group settings, structures in the body are made tangible and enable a deep, subtle experience of your body.
Four modules are dedicated to different body systems:
I Module Spring
“Organs: Fullness, Vitality, Relation”
27 April > 1 May |  – Spazio Seme. (Arezzo)
II Module Summer
Weaving grounds: Developmental Movement Patterns
17 > 21 July | Nature Retreat – Artis Umbria. (Fabro)
III Module Autumn
Fluids: Rhythm and Flow
17 > 20 October | – Spazio Seme. (Arezzo)
IV Module into Winter
“The dynamics of Sensing, Perception and the Nervous System”
28 November > 1 Dicember | Nature Retreat – Gaia Terra. (Udine)
You will be provided with profound knowledge, engage in in-depth experience and become aware of the interconnectedness of inner and outer processes: awareness on a subtle, cellular level and its expression through movement. This will create space to expand your movement potential and your ways in which you express and differentiate, in other words: to inhabit your body in a new way. Contact improvisation and Authentic Movement will be layered in as integration. We will offer optional contemplative dance practice as mediation practice in the mornings and optional jamming in the evenings. Each module is dedicated to specific topics; the contents build on each other.
Prerequisites are a desire and willingness to move freely and have an interest in touch as well as self-responsibility in working with one’s own body.
**** applications open from February 10 ****
Biography Nina Wehnert:
311734617_10158551678686932_2520784342397627651_nIs a certified Practitioner and Teacher of Body-Mind Centering® (BMC®) and graduated as IDME (Infant Developemental Movement Educator). She is part of moveus, the german BMC® Certification Training Program and is also teaching in other certification programs in Europe. She lives in Berlin and teaches BMC® internationally at Contact Improvisation Festivals, in Workshops and Dance and Yoga Trainings. She studied Contemporary Dance and Yoga, is dancing Contact Improvisation for more than 25 years and has been involved in the Contact Improvisation Community in Germany for years. Next to teaching in other dance programs (Axis Syllabus/Movement Artisans, Tanzfabrik) she is offering her own BMC® training programs in Berlin, Freiburg and now: Italy.
For more details:
+39 3286256974
Team Moving Presence:
Nina Wehnert
Consuelo Pacheco
Leonardo Lambruschini
Collaborating spaces:
Spazio Seme |
Artis Umbria |
Giulia Ravarotto