Dance Marathon – 51- hours – Contact Improvisation



Dance Marathon – 51- hours Dance immersion for the 51st anniversary of Contact Improvisation

51CI – 51HR is an invitation to stay together and dance for an extended time, immersed in the unstable score of the JAM.
Celebrating the 51th anniversary of the birth of Contact Improvisation.
For 51 hours we will co-move in the community crossing together the different landscapes of attention, emotions and sensations. 51 hours to fill and empty the space.
The dance is always there to support us.
Dance is the center and periphery of this encounter.
During these 51 hours we will be guided by a structure – flexible – which contains us and expands at the same time. We will travel together starting from the movement, discovering ways that (dis) organize us in the community.
Improvising our dance is also rethinking our practice over and over again.
We invite all those who feel the desire and curiosity to dance and create this expanded practice space.
This event is designed for people with experience in contact improvisation and JAMS.
Some of the practices that will be present in the 51 hours:
Small Dance
Contemplative dance
Tea ceremony
Space for reading and imagination
Time of Silence
Documenting experience – collective TIME LINE
Thursday 12
19.00 Arrival time
20.00 Potluck dinner (each brings something)
21.30 Un-conference “Celebreting 51 years of practice”
Friday 13
8.00 Breakfast
10.00 Building the Marathon (preparation all togheter)
12.00 Beginning Bell 51HR Jam
Saturday 14 oct
All day/All night Jam
Sunday 15
15.00 Ending Bell 51HR Jam
16.30 Goodbye Time and Departure
The event takes place in Spazio Seme Artistic Center, Arezzo. You will find mattresses to rest, bring your sleeping bag. Vegetarian food and overnight stay are included in the cost (except for the arrival dinner on Thursday 13 October).
190 euro – accommodation, food, and dance dance….
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Consu –
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Leonardo Lambruschini
Consuelo Pacheco
Samuel Nicola Fuscà