Contact Improvisation | Yaniv Mintzer| workshop & Jam


Contact Improvisation workshop with Yaniv Mintzer

|1-2-3- July | Spazio Seme (Arezzo, Italy)

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sticks and strings and heavy things
a new perspective into our body and our dance

This workshop will explore material i’ve been researching in the past 2-3 years, by which i am super inspired and curious.
I am looking for ways to have a better understanding of what is happening inside our bodies and the way it functions and communicates within.
Using objects is esspecially efficient in understading these questions. objects are objective, direct and honest, and because they are outside of our bodies, they give us a peek into our system and how it functions. they become temporarily part of our system, and this awakes much excitement and fresh challenges for the system.
As much as time allows, we will explore with sticks, strings, tissues and stones, and touch on some familiar CI material such as- spirals, leaning and axis points, weight transfer and communication, touch and preception, as well as imagination and intuitive reading of partner and space.

We will also have time to dance and explore some fresh ideas about technique and the state of a relaxed and dynamic body in the dance. Material is suitable and relevant to all levels of practice.


Yaniv Mintzer
Dancer, teacher, musician and practitioner
have been teaching more than a decade in israel, europe and the east, for non proffesional dancers as well as dance academies and dance companies.
These days teaching for the jerusalem academy of dance and the school for visual theatre, as well as private groups. touring europe regularly.
Working as practitioner of the ilan lev method, which explores the learning systems of the body, to bring healing to functional difficulties and improves motor skills. this work has been a major inspiration in my dance practice and teaching.
( as musician i’ve made music for dance and theatre as well as recording 3 albums of my own music.


Friday – 1 July
– 20.00 – 22.00 class and after Jam
Saturday 2 July
– from 10.00am to 1.00pm class
– from 14.30pm to 18.30pm class
after dinner Jam
Sunday 3 July
from 10.00am to 1.00pm class
from 14.30pm to 18.00pm class and Jam

The workshop takes place at Spazio Seme ( Via del Pantano, 36) in Arezzo – Tuscany (IT)
You can stay in Spazio Seme even for the night, with the sleeping bags. If there are some special needs (especially about food), let us know and we’ll try to manage at best!

The workshop is 145 € if you subscribe before June 12 th (only friday dinner isn’t included) – 160 € for subscriptions after.

50% discount for people who come from abroad!!!


for info and subscriptions: – – 3383366049 –