Moving Environment – Intensive Dance Lab. & Performance – II Edition

Il Tempo fraseggio e musicalità nell’improvvisazione (Copertina di Facebook) (3)

Moving Environment – II Edition

31 July – 5 August – 2023 @ Spazio Seme

Instant Composition | Contact Improvisation | Somatic 

From laboratory to the performance Site specific at Teatro Vasariano di Arezzo 

Time: phrasing and musicality in improvisation with Paolo Cingolani

Intensive: Paolo Cingolani (IT)

Classes: Consuelo Pacheco (CL/IT), Leonardo Lambruschini (IT), Susan Haines (USA), Andrea Vazquez-Aguirre (USA/MX)


Photo Paolo Cingolani

The intensive laboratory are open to experienced movers and to anyone involved in a personal research in movement and instant dance’s practice.
The workshop foresees the participation of a group of 7 young American dance students who will be in artistic residency at Spazio Seme for the Dance & Music program (25 July – 05 August) organized in collaboration with Western Washington University
Those who want to can perform in a public performance city specific at the end of the workshop.

Spazio Seme – International Artistic Center – Arezzo, (IT)

Accomodation: Common space at Spazio Seme or B&B (if you need help to find ask to us)

Arraiving on 31 of July (activity start – 1st of August at 9.30am).
Departure on 5th of August before lunch
Finale performance city specific on friday 4th August



Intensive with Paolo Cingolani

Time: phrasing and musicality in improvisation – 

The seminar is aimed at dancers, actors and musicians who want to study and practice instantaneous composition through the lens of Time. Time will therefore be the main subject through which to enter the flow of the present moment during improvisation. Within this ‘frame’ topics such as: the different perception between instant and temporal duration, time as a pragmatic tool for creating dance phrases, the distinction between linear time and radial time will be addressed. Great space will also be given to the relationship between dance and music (recorded music and live music). Participants will learn to relate to music in a direct way and without mutual “dependencies”: no longer following or being followed by the music, but learning to dialogue with it “on an equal footing”, establishing a constantly evolving dialogue in the flow of notes and movements . The proposed exercises will focus on listening deeply to one’s body as well as one’s mind, on the emergence of spontaneity, imagination and the creation of poetry of movement. Participants will be accompanied, during the lesson, through a progressive path that will start from the simplicity of the individual act, to the complexity and richness of an instant group emotion.


Paolo Cingolani is an Italian dancer specialized in the art of improvisation and instantaneous composition. Her work is characterized by a specific practice on intuition as the first tool to create dance and text in performance. Since 2012 he has been a member of Julyen Hamilton’s Allen’s Line company. In recent years, Paolo has also dedicated himself to creating dance performances with other artists, dancers, musicians and visual designers. In this context of freelance, he has performed extensively in many European cities (2005-2023). As a teacher, he has developed a personal technique of movement and theater (Movement Alchemy) resulting from the combination of Tai-Ji Qi Gong with the principles of contemporary dance and instantaneous composition. Since 2006 he has been invited to teach in festivals, schools and institutions throughout Europe.
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Contact Improvisation

with Leonardo Lambruschini & Consuelo Pacheco
Contact Improvisation, as a dance based on improvisation, pushes us to accept whatever happens in the present and transform it into an expressive creation.
Pay attention to what happens spontaneously, experiencing fluidity in a dance for two or more people within the improvisation.
The movement derives from a physical relationship that inspires an instant creation, that is, an improvisation.
Participants are invited to explore and move without resorting to sight, move following hearing, move and express themselves following internal and external impulses.
A child’s first relationship with the world begins with a hug.
An authentic and pure dance that welcomes our thoughts, the limits of the body and fears.
We will work following the fundamental principles of the I.C. on the relationship between weight to gravity, inertia and constant dynamics of a living body always in motion.

Leonardo Lambruschini – Italy
Contact, trust, movement are the central focus around which I develop teaching and practice, both for adults and children. Above all, trust in the present moment as a fruitful source of inspiration and meaning. I am attracted to places and contexts where various forms of art meet, communicate and create something new, that transcends languages and differences. I am also the co-founder and Art Director of Spazio Seme – International Cultural Arts Center in Arezzo (Tuscany, IT). There, we create opportunities to research, organize, and manage festivals, intensive workshops, performances, artistic productions, and residencies. I develop and lead classes for children (ContaKids, PlayContact).
I teach C.I for adults and students, in Italy and abroad. I feel very attracted by the nature and expansive dimension of travel. I have taught at festivals and done intensive labs in India, France, Portugal, Greece, Israel, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Russia, Moldova, Georgia, Northern Ireland, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Brazil.
I am one of the organizers of ItalyContactFest –

Consuelo Pacheco – Chile-Italy
Dancer, Teacher and somatic researcher. Since my childhood, the Dance experience has accompanied my work as a human being.
I started practicing C.I 12 years ago, and during this time my curiosity about the phenomena of the movement continues to expand and invites me to continue to explore unknown places. I am interested in exploring the dimensions of improvisation and the virtues of creativity that can be applied to plasticity and creativity to dance. In my curiosity about the phenomenon of being alive, in recent years I have ventured into the universe of contemplative arts and somatic practices, studying the Alexander Technique in greater depth. In addition, in my daily life I spend a large part of my time lovingly and respectfully raising my daughter Amanda, researching the Montessori and Pikler methods to delve into psychomotor evolutionary development in early childhood. Currently, I am studying the Ecology of Childhood Training at the European Institute of Perinatal Mental Health.


Munz Floor 

with Andrea Vazquez-Aguirre
This innovative somatic method was created by Alexander Munz, founder of MAISON MUNZ. In this class, you will experience the benefits of spiraled sequences in the floor that promote elasticity and vital resilience within your fascial system. The class is guided verbally, and the student is empowered to work with their own capabilities.

For more information about this methodology check this website:
Andrea Vazquez-Aguirre (USA/MX)
Andrea Vazquez-Aguirre (MFA: SUNY Brockport, BFA: National Conservatory of Dance in Mexico D.F.) is a cross-disciplinary dance artist. She was a scholar under FONCA*, and has danced in several professional companies in Mexico and the United States. She is interested in performances that explore the idea of ‘truth in fiction’ and ‘fiction in truth.’ She is co-director along with her creative and life partner, James J. Kaufmann of Another River Interdisciplinary Ensemble. She is serving as Assistant Professor of Dance at Southern Utah University. *Federal Council for Culture and Arts in Mexico.

Movement ecology

with Susan Haines (USA)

Susan Haines is dancer, choreographer, and educator with research specializations in dance science, creative process mentoring, and movement ecology for sustainability of person, place, and planet. Her teaching prioritizes depth of inquiry and engagement with transdisciplinary work; the moving body, performance studies, group dynamics, and psychology. She has an MFA in Dance from UNC-Greensboro, is a master teacher in Pilates, and is certified in Functional Range Conditioning, AcuKinesis, Yoga, and NeuroKinetic Therapy: a sophisticated assessment and treatment modality that addresses the causes of dysfunctional movement/coordination problems at their root in the motor control center. She serves as a Dance Science expert for Apolla Performance and is on the editorial board of the Journal of Dance Education with research published in JODE and RIDE. Her dance films with musician Bruce Hamilton have been selected by jury for festivals in the US, Germany, Belgrade, and Portugal.



Monday  31 July
arriving from 19.00
20.30 sharing dinner free time

Tuesday 1 August
8.30 – breakfast
9.30 – 13.30 Intensive
14.00 – lunch
16.00 – 19.00 class
20.00 – dinner
21.30 – Contact Improv. Jam

Wednesday 2 August
8.30 – breakfast
9.30 – 13.30 Intensive
14.00 lunch
16.00 – 19.00 class
20.00 dinner
21.30 Contact Improv. Jam

Thursday 3 August
8.30 –  breakfast
10.30 – 13.30 Intensive
14.00 – lunch
16.00 – 19.00 class
20.00 dinner
21.30 – free time city

Friday 4 August

8.30 – breakfast
10.30 – 13.30 Intensive
14.00 – lunch
16.00 – 19.00 we will do what we need for the performance

19.30 – Teatro Vasariano di Arezzo – Performance di danza contemporanea –

Saturday 5 Augusto

9.00 – breakfast

10.00 – 12.30 Boodywork in to the JAM

12.30 closing circle – departure


The registration are open!
To register, a deposit is required for completing the registration. Send a mail to and get all the information.


Costs for participants: 

Full price:

Breakfast,  Lunch and dinner are included 


–       common space study (sleeping bag) € 320 –


For more info and registration: – – whatsapp +393383366049