CONTACT IMPROVISATION – International Intensive workshop | jam | performance

14-15-16-17 April 2017 | Spazio Seme ( Arezzo – Tuscany)

CONTACT IMPROVISATION – “Stop by Stop” Intensive workshop | jam | performance


Alexandra Soshnicova (MD) and Serghei Golovnea (MD)
Angelika Donij (RU) and Leonardo Lambruschini (IT)
musicians invited (work in progress): Stan Potoky (UKR)
Friday – 14  Saturday – 15 Sunday 16 Monday 17
19.00 – 20.00           live music improv. studio1 studio2 studio1 studio2 studio1 studio2
class 3h class 3h class 3h class 3h class 3h class 3h
lunch time lunch time lunch time
class 3h class 3h class 3h class 3h jam
19-20 dance in the pool 19.00 performance 18.00 – performance outside
dinner dinner dinner
21.30 jam 21.30 Jam 21.45 Jam  
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Composition in Contact Improvisation

A workshop about dance and the things in it that are visible and invisible.

Vision is our way of seeing things. We will experiment with vision and stretch our ability to see from safety to aesthetic pleasure.

We will also look at what happens if vision is not our only way of looking and seeing. We will learn to trust this knowledge with our eyes open and closed.

We will practice CI and its relationship with the composition of space, time and place.

We will work with time and understand movement principles.

We will discipline the capacity to stay focused in the chaos and spontaneous in the clear boundaries of the form.

I am interested in seeing dance from the point of view of time, quantity, space, dimensions, pressure, gravity, temperature.

Like baking a cake.

Or calculating the weather.

Or telling fortune in the coffee grounds.

We’ll research the questions:

What is visible, predictable, teachable?

What is hidden, unpredictable and unteachable?

Can we see a jam as an art work in progress?

How does a witness influence a dancer? And how does a dancer influence a witness?

We will always start with ourselves and return to ourselves through dance, awareness, attention, silence.

CI is a perfect way to research different questions about dance, creativity, living through whatever is there. We invite you to walk the ladder from “real” to “magical” and back =) Our rivers will climb mountains. Life will surely become clearer!

Angelika Donij 
I studied to be a choreographer, but now I practice the art of de-educating the body. My special interest in contact improvisation is clarity and in studying nature and it´s laws, I dance investigate and live in accordance with what I find. Practicing honesty in the way I move weight in the space of gravity, and keeping the attention focused, I´m ever surprised at how the dance clears itself from the personal when I let the things happen as they do. In this way I see that the practice of Contact Improvisation helps transformation and the possibility to leave the limits of personality .
Leonardo Lambruschini
Actor, dancer and performer. My journey in the performing arts started with the theatre, dance came afterwards. But then, when I encountered the Contact Improvisation, it was magic at ‘first sight’. Acting, playing and dancing were finally melting together as a whole. I dance as a student, as a teacher and as a performer with an unquenchable “thirst” for exploration and… for the ‘wonder’ on what happens in that ‘middle-land’ that is created in the process of receiving and returning, of uttering and listening to. I love the creative process that leads people to formulate plans and actions that promote the movement as a form of artistic and personal evolution and social expression.

Alexandra Soshnicova and Serghei Golovnea

Cooperation between Alexandra and Sergey started in 1997, in a modern dance group “Voices”, under the direction of Angela Doniy. They became a duet 2000. Since then they dance, improvise, teach, make choreography together. They take part in international projects and performances (as dancers and as choreographers) and travel.
Together they organize international projects and festivals in Moldova. They organized 7 international festivals: “Impulse to grow” in 2000, “Traditions and modernity” in 2001, “Phenomenon of relations” and “Gender and cultural Identity in dance” in April and September 2003, 5th international festival “Interaction” in 2006, “Children and adults, points of intersection” in 2009, “Contact and not only”, 2011, “Focusing on the Dance” 2012, “Tango&CI”, 2013, MoldovaDanceFest /CI&Performance,2015
Teaching geography: Moldova, Ukraine, Belorussia, Bulgaria, Israel, Estonia, Russia, Latvia, N.Irelland, France, Georgia, Greece. They are also the leaders of contemporary and folk dance school “Fantezia” in Chisinau, choreographers and dancers of contemporary dance and performance group “Voices”.
Stan Potoky – musician, psychologist and traveler – Looking into your own eyes is very important to stay alive… To follow the flow of your truth. To feel the authenticity of your intentions. To follow your inner song. To dance yourself without unnecessary thoughts and desire to please others. When it’s warm outside I like to take a backpack, musical instruments and to go for a trip. It could be a hiking in the mountains or a hitchhiking to another country. Carefully observing the circumstances that life offers I love to play and invite others to play with me. In my life happened: theatrical activity, psychological education, spontaneous dancing, hiking, traveling, street music, states of altered consciousness … experiences which invite you to look deeper into yourself. Looking into my truth I saw a house of songs. The source of inspiration and strength. I invite you to look into yourself and find a vivid music of your Soul. Stanislav Barysh (Stan Potoku) Stanislav Barysh musician from Ukraine lives last 2 years in Moldova and participate in ADDM (Association for Modern Dance Development in Moldova) activity as performer in co – production with Dance Modern group “Voices” and as organizer of local Art events for kids and adults. He teach JEWS HARP with his personal method: he combine technic skills with spontaneous voice’s and rhythm’s games, play with images, base and improvisation structures . He develops his author method “Intuitive singing”, experiments in combination “voice and movement” material. Stanislav plays different music instruments and dances contact improvisation. He is a teacher and psychologist in Art Studio “Happy Kids”. He plays: jews harp, okarina, guitar, ukulele, udu, tylynnka, Djembe, forte piano, jabara, body percussion, vocal. His educational -Professional Qualification: Pedagogy & Psychology He is one from coordinator of the Dance Moldova Festival, presenter Art production, creative cooperation, teaching exchange in frame of the International Festivals in Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Georgia.

18-19-20 April 2017 – Seggiano (Amita, Siena) – Villa Gaia – Tuscany

Angelika Donij & Leonardo Lambruschini

We wish to create the space to really give participants to express them self in different forms. It is truly possible to open door for subcontinent mind to come on stage and to be understood. It is the best to do it in such safe conditions as Villa Gaya in Toscana on the nature. We hope the movement, dance, panting, writing can to satiate our body, refresh emotional stat, to clean the contact with itself.
We feel privileged to be part of this process and ready to share our presence, knowledge, passion.

For more info contact Xenia Isaeva –

Villa Gaia – facebook link

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The international workshop “Stop by Stop” takes place at Spazio Seme ( Via del Pantano, 36) in Arezzo – Tuscany (IT)
You can stay in Spazio Seme even for the night, with the mattress and sleeping bags. If there are some special needs (especially about food), let us know and we’ll try to manage at best!

If you want you can sleep in a beautifull hostel Arezzo Sport College only 5 minut walk from Spazio Seme – 20 euro for night

The workshop is 190 € for subscriptions  before April 01 and 210 for subscriptions after. Only friday dinner is not included!

Special price for people who come from abroad – 130 euro.

Accomodetion, vegetarian food and a lot of dance… included!

Bring your swimsuit Saturday, we can dance in the pool.

special price discount for people who come from abroad!!!


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