50CI – 50HR – Dance Marathon

13,14,15,16 Oct. 2022 @ Spazio Seme – Arezzo (IT)
50-hours Dance immersion for the 50th anniversary of Contact Improvisation


50CI – 50HR is an invitation to stay together and dance for an extended time, immersed in the unstable score of the JAM. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the birth of Contact Improvisation.
For 50 hours we will co-move in the community crossing together the different landscapes of attention, emotions and sensations. The dance is always there to support us.
Dance is the center and periphery of this encounter.
During these 50 hours we will be guided by a structure – flexible – which contains us and expands at the same time. We will travel together starting from the movement, discovering ways that (dis) organize us in the community.
Improvising our dance is also rethinking our practice over and over again.
We invite all those who feel the desire and curiosity to dance and create this expanded practice space. CI practitioners with little or much experience are welcome, in a space where knowledge can mix and cause new bifurcations in the way of experiencing and investigating CI.

Some of the practices that will be present in the 50 hours:
Contemplative dance
Somatic practices
Tea ceremony
Space for reading and imagination
Video Performance / Studio
Time of Silence


Support Teachers: 

Caterina Mocciola, Mario Ghezzi, Maura Elcaras Falkenberg, ….

Supporter musicians

Antonio Alemanno, Gianfranco Pigozzi



Giovedì 13 oct. 

19.00 Arriving 

20.30 Sharing dinner

21.30 Conference


Venerdì 14 oct

8.00 – Breakfast 

9.00 – Morning practice

10.00 – building the marathon 

12.00 Bell start 50HR 

. Sabato 15 oct


. Domenica 16 oct


14.00Bell End 50HR


The event takes place in Spazio Seme Artistic Center, Arezzo. You will find mattresses to rest, bring your sleeping bag. Vegetarian food and overnight stay are included in the cost (except for the arrival dinner on Thursday 13 October).


150 euro – up to September 30th.
170 euro – after September 30th.
Info e registration:
Consu – movimientocircular@gmail.com
Leo – leonardo.lambruschini@gmail.com
Samu – info@50dayscontactdance.com